The Lucas County Republican Party is dedicated to supporting and advancing the principles of the Republican Party, furthering the cause of good government, and educating the electorate about the issues of the day.  The Lucas County Republican Party is built upon the hard work and contributions of supporters across Lucas County.  Our members work together to promote candidates for public office that share our values and will serve our community with diligence, compassion, and fiscal responsibility. We are always looking for volunteers to help support election campaigns, fundraising, outreach, and candidate recruitment.  To learn more about how you can support the Lucas County Republican Party, please contact us at 419.482.0506 or e-mail us at

Get Your Trump Signs While We Still Have Them!

Trump yard signs are available for pick-up at our headquarters. Quantities are limited.

Super signs (3 feet tall by 5 feet wide) are also available. If you would like one or more super signs, contact us at or 419.482.0506 to make arrangements.  ​When you pick up your yard sign, please consider giving a donation that will be used to help our volunteers get out the vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. 

Sign pick up times for the month of October:

Monday - Friday 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Saturdays & Sundays - by appointment - contact us at or (419) 482-0506

LCRP Headquarters, 323 N. Huron, Toledo, OH 43604

Parking at meters is free between 12 PM - 2 PM and after 5 PM

QUESTIONS: or (419) 482-0506

"The Lucas County Republican Party is made up of a diverse team of volunteers and supporters from all areas of Lucas County.  Our grassroots campaign efforts have resulted in republican victories on local, state, and national levels." 

Jon Stainbrook,

Lucas County Republican Party Chairman

2016 General Election Candidates

President/Vice President
Donald Trump/Mike Pence

U.S. Senator
Rob Portman

Ohio Supreme Court
Pat Fischer
Pat Dewine

Ohio State Rep District 44
John Insco

Ohio State Rep District 45
James Nowak

Ohio State Rep District 47
Derek Merrin

Judge of Common Pleas
Judge Michael Goulding 
Judge Gene Zmuda
Shelly Kennedy

6th District Court of Appeals
Christine Mayle

Lucas County Commissioner
Michael P. Bell

Lucas County Clerk of Courts
Nickolas Berente

Lucas County Recorder
Allison Seney​

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